About Us

Since 2003 God has been calling our prophetess Yetunde Esther Agboola who was then “Yetty swift” Juju life and musician. Many men of God  told  her, she has a calling, but she do  ignored the message because of the enjoyment of life.


In surprise to her, she heard a voice of God directly; God told her she is going to be a woman of virtue to the generation of mankind and a warrior like Deborah according to the scripture. After the encounter with Jesus Christ she still refuse the calling.

Suddenly she begin to experience great challenges that led her to lose property and wealth she got in the music industry. Holy spirit spoke to her for the last time, it was then she succumb to the calling of Almighty God  

On the 19th of April 2019 prophetess Yetunde Esther Agboola now becomes prophet Esther Aladura and started the ministry as HOLINESS IN CHRIST OUTREACH FOUNDATION. She is a generous woman, love taking care of less privilege right from when she was a juju musician. To the calling of God she always take care of the widows, orphan, old age, and youth. In this case she has help many homes, family, and the children financially and morally. Because of the task, she decided never to stop preaching the Gospel and helping the less privilege locally and internationally

Our Team

Prophetess Esther Aladura

HICOF President


Pastor Gaberiel Ditorusin Philip

Senior Pastor & HICOF, Head of Finance


Pastor Sam Olatunji Akerele

Assistant Senior Pastor & HICOF, Secretary


HICOF Choiristers

HICOF Children